Thursday, October 3, 2019, 6:30-7:45pm, Shakespeare and Company, 939 Lexington Avenue @ 68th St, NYC 10065.

“Writing Letters—But Not Sending Them: A Fresh Way of Arriving at Poetry”

A Panel on Letters Written and Not Sent, poems by William Louis-Dreyfus with Paula Deitz, Editor of the Hudson Review, and poets Phillis Levin, Molly Peacock and Ellen Rachlin.

Have you ever composed a letter or an email and then thought better of sending it out with a stamp or a click? Could that letter never sent become a poem? Is writing in such an epistolary way what Emily Dickinson meant when she said, “Tell it slant”? These and other questions of how—and to whom, if anyone—we address our most intimate poems will be considered as work from Letters Written and Not Sent (Red Hen Press, 2019) by William Louis-Dreyfus is read and discussed by a distinguished editor and three poets deeply familiar with this, his only book of poems, a collection he completed just before his death.