Lattice: Molly Peacock in Conversation—Concrete & River

Molly in conversation with Susan Gillis for the September 2018 edition of  Concrete & River .

The Analyst in Paperback

The Analyst (W.W. Norton) now in paperback!
The Analyst (Biblioasis) always in paperback.

“The Negativo Trio” from Alphabetique on WMNR

“The Negativo Trio” from Alphabetique, read by Will Duchon, pianist and broadcaster, on Words and Music, WMNR Fine Arts Radio. 29 minutes into the show. Also with poems by Jill Bialosky, Naomi Shihab Nye, and Cyrus Cassells.

The Analyst Review in Poetry Magazine

“With Peacock the human body heals two by two.” Click here to read Shane Neilson’s review of  The Analyst in Poetry Magazine.

The Analyst Reviewed in the South Florida Poetry Journal

Visit the South Florida Poetry Journal’s November 2017 Reviews for a review of The Analyst by Alec Solomita.    

“The Witnessed Self” in The Puritan

Visit The Puritan Magazine site for an “The Witnessed Self”: A Conversation with Molly Peacock by Myra Bloom and Heather White.


Philadelphia Stories Interview

Molly was interviewed by novelist Julia MacDonnell for Philadelphia Stories.

Molly’s Four-Part Jewish Book Council Visiting Scribe Blog

I’m an Irish Molly” —Reflections on being a goyishe girl in a Jewish neighborhood

“Brushes You Exchanged for Words”—Reflections on a gentile identifying with the holocaust

“The Courage Inside Encouragement”—Reflections on rejections, a poet and her analyst

“Picking Up the Brush. I Mean the Mop. I Mean the Brush”—Reflections on making art

Announcements Archive

Essay at—”From magnificent tree to ‘nurse log’: After her fall, she’s still nourishing me from the forest floor”
My relationship with my longtime analyst changed after her stroke transformed her into a new version of herself… View the full essay at the Salon site.

McClelland & Stewart published Molly Peacock’s Alphabetique: 26 Characteristic Fictions on November 17, 2014. Charming, magical tales inspired by letters of the alphabet, layered with jewel-like collages by Kara Kosaka, this book is a one-of-a-kind collection of sensual stories of love, yearning, and self-discovery.

Molly leads monthly Mutual Muse Goal Group sessions via Skype. The goal group, which is for poets and prose writers, operates on the premise that simply declaring a literary goal to others goes a long way towards fulfilling the goal. The group is now full, but email Molly to be put on a waiting list.

Slapering Hol Press published another in their two-poet conversations chapbook series in October 2014. Molly is paired with Amy M. Clark in A Turn Around the Mansion Grounds: Poets in Conversation & A Conversation.

Story Line Press published Jason Guriel’s monograph Molly Peacock: A Critical Introduction in June 2014.

Read Jason Guriel’s interview with Molly in Contemporary Verse 2.

Read E. Martin Nolan’s interview with Molly, Jason Guriel, and Robert McGill in The Puritan: Frontiers of New English.

Read some savvy reviewers who assess The Paper Garden on the TLC Blog Tour Stops: