Molly Peacock’s fiction book, Alphabetique: 26 Characteristic Fictions, with illustrations by Kara Kosaka, is available for sale in Canada.

View the Alphabetique Virtual Advent Calendar Archive, where a detail from one of Kara Kosaka’s jewel-like illustrations for the abecedarian mini-stories accompanied a line or a bit from the story of the letter of the day.

Watch Molly talking about Alphabetique.

From the book’s dust jacket:

Molly Peacock has written a new classic, a one-of-a-kind collection of magical tales inspired by the lives of the letters of the ALPHABET.

From A, who climbs an Alp with her husband, but finds it is an apparition from her own past that points them toward their future; to D, who always felt he was double, and after a lifetime of denial finds a way to live his truth; to L, the glamorous star of yesteryear who is preparing to slip into the shadows until a most intriguing visitor materializes to change her mind; to P, a poet in a faraway land, watching his sleeping lover and listening for the hoofbeats of warriors; and Q, an orphan who one day, somehow, finds himself standing before the Queen.

Alphabetique: 26 Characteristic Fictions is unique, but nevertheless fits perfectly with Molly Peacock’s extraordinary body of work, drawing on the same wellsprings of creativity and artistry as her poetry, her memoir Paradise, Piece by Piece, and her bestselling work of biography (and so much more), The Paper Garden. These charming, incisive, sensual stories of love, yearning, and self-discovery are complimented by Kara Kosaka’s layered, jewel-bright collages.


“These are not works of naturalism,” Steven W. Beattie says about Alphabetique in Canada’s National Post. “They tilt more toward fable or allegory. This immediately sets the book apart from the vast majority of Canadian short fiction, or indeed much international short fiction since Chekhov and Joyce.”

“Approaches the subject of creativity itself in an ingeniously oblique manner,” says George Fetherling in Quill & Quire. “Peacock’s texts work perfectly with the 26 full-page illustrations by Vancouver artist and designer Kara Kosaka. These are varied, lush, and colourful, each one created to match the mood.”